Twisting the whole body in asymmetric poses offers many possibilities. You can start from a symmetric place and distort it, or play with twisted shapes from the start. These seven ideas are just starting points to explore and create your own. Play with the body and see where it wants to go!

Day 155: Broken Seiza – Sitting on the ground with the feet on one side .
Day 156: Windmill – The legs folded on the ground, pointing in the same direction, forming two wings of a windmill
Day 157: Swan – aka Pigeon pose – one leg bent in front and one raised in the back.
Day 158: Running man – Lying on the ground one knee to the chest, one ankle to the back
Day 159: Crossed calf binder – variation of the calf binder with the legs crossed
Day 160: Crossed windmill – legs on the side, crossing on top of each other
Day 161: Crossing Knees – cross the knees in front

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