The lower part of the body is amazingly strong as it carries the weight of the whole body. This opens up the opportunity to play a little bit more rough, and create sensations of higher intensity. There is a wide range to explore. Do you like tickles? Or do you prefer intense sharp pain? We still have to be careful as there is a wide architecture of nerves in the legs and toes are made of complex structure of small bones and muscles.

The goal of this week is to explore the potential of the lower body limbs, their shape, and play with different types of sensations.

  • Day 302: Rope Shoe – Wrap the feet and go for a walk. What happens when you tie something scratchy under it?
  • Day 303: Foot Harness – Create a strong structure on the feet to allow pulling them in different directions
  • Day 304: Between the Toes – Rope between the toes create interesting sensation. Try to add rope between the toes and add pressure on both sides of the feet at the base of the toes for increased intensity.
  • Day 305: Capturing Toes – Include the toe in a tie. You can start by tying the toes and continuing on, or creating a structure and capture the toe in the process
  • Day 306: Shaping Ankles – Ankles can move in some directions, and not others. Try to create different shapes using the limits of the range of motion. Can you create a mermaid tail by bending the ankles?
  • Day 307: Calf Compression – The calf is a strong muscle, create a structure around the calf or both and progressively add more tension. You can use different method to create compression, reverse tension, diamond pattern etc. When the calf muscle activate it expand and will be even more compressed.
  • Day 308: Compression Frog Tie – To push the idea from day 307 further, wrap the leg tightly, then fold it into a frog tie position.

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