The essence of the frog tie is to hold the leg in a folded position, but it doesn’t always have to be a specific pattern. There is a different aesthetic with something that is less constructed and the sensation will be much different.

Chaotic Frog tie

Time to get chaotic a little bit and improvise a tie. Instead of making clean wraps from ankle to knee, change direction so that the rope crosses on itself. Make as many wraps as you want!.

Once you feel ready to move on, you can solidify everything using methods similar to the spiral in day 22.This can be just one rope, or a bunch of them. On the way toward the ankle, we apply the same principle, loop around or make a crossing hitch on individual rope or a small group of them if several wraps are closed to each other.

Practice Time!

Design your own chaotic frog tie and play with the sensation of the tie.

Self evaluation checklist:

  • Is the leg fully bent, can the leg still move at the knee?
  • Frictions are tight and compact with no undesired twists
  • Tension is even across the tie (some uneven tension is expected)
  • Move the leg around, does the tie stay in place?
  • Pull the stem in different directions; how does it hold?
  • How is the blood circulation? Does the foot become numb after some time?

Exploration ideas:

  • Which part of the leg do you want to cover with rope? From hip to knee? Stay close to one end?
  • Try a more minimalist approach
  • Try creating gaps and pinches
  • How many rope can be added until you can’t see the thighs and calf anymore?

Credit: Idea inspired by Zamil – M: Faustine R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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