Hojōjutsu 捕縄術 is a traditional Japanese martial art where a rope is used to control the opponent. The different techniques are divided in two groups, hayanawa 早縄 (fast rope) and honnawa 本縄 (main rope), this week we will look into the first one. Hayanawa is a group of techniques to quickly capture the opponent, these are supposed to only take a few seconds to tie and focus on efficiency. Unlike modern bondage, not only are these technique risky, they actually put the rope in dangerous places on purpose. We have to be mindful of the risks as we explore these techniques.

The goal of this week is to try different capture techniques from hojōjutsu to discover how we can adapt and integrate them in our bondage practice

  • Day 274: Initial Capture – The first step is to capture the opponent. Tie a cow hitch around your own wrist. Once you have successfully grabbed the victims’s hand or forearm, slide the cow hitch on the to capture. Look at other techniques to capture someone in hojojutsu such as specialty rope to catch clothing and armors, or lasso techniques to wrap them from afar.
  • Day 275: Controlling Movements – Use the rope to move the prisoner in controlled way. An interesting technique is to use a cow hitch around the wrist and twist the rope so that it digs into the pressure points on each side of the hand. Pressure point is a very powerful way to control someone with very little effort
  • Day 276: Releasing Arms – What should you do if your opponent is lying on the ground with the arms in front of them? Make a cow hitch loop around the arms on each side, with the rope going in the back. Then do a reverse tension to make everything tighter. This will force the arms to the back so you can catch the forearms and bring them in the back.
  • Day 277: Upper Body Capture – Capturing a prisoner quickly means not trying to specific a pattern, one need to improvise as the fight is happening. A good approach is to capture limbs one by one to progressively gain more control. The five targets are the two wrists, the two arms, and the neck. Once you control all of these, you control the whole upper body. Improvise ties that captures all targets. Try to find the fastest way to tie them. Try out the quick release cuff (day 14) and the lapp knot (day 224) for interesting cuff that you can release quickly in case of emergency. Notice how these can also be very fast to tie, but are not as secured as regular inline cuffs.
  • Day 278: Foot Capture – Once the upper body is under control, we can continue and immobilizing the whole body by tying the foot in. Use the upper body tie as a pivot point to pull the legs in. Open the hip joint to be able to push them further into restriction
  • Day 279: Including Clothing – to make capture faster and stronger, you can leverage the opponent clothing by including them in the tie, belt, collars, underwear, etc. What happen when you start including the clothing in the tie?
  • Day 280: Tie Over Tie – Once your opponent is controlled, you can tie a more formal and solid pattern over the quick capture tie. Remove the original capture rope once the structure is tied.


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