This site is here to be your companion, so you can easily access ideas to learn, practice, and explore. It’s a learning program, it’s a practice guide to improve, it’s a compendium of ideas.

Everyone can approach this guide from their perspective:

  • Newcomers will find everything they need to get started
  • Veterans will find new ideas to try
  • Duos can discover rope together
  • People who tie can develop their techniques
  • People who like to be tied can explore their own experience
  • Self-tyer can practice every day!

Everything is structured to practice daily. The 365 ideas are split into four seasons

  • Spring – Foundation and Classics
  • Summer – Body positions
  • Fall – Techniques and practice
  • Winter – Exploration

Each season is split into 13 weeks, each being an important concept of rope bondage.

Each week is split into 7 ideas, each feature some learning tools (tutorial, writings etc.), practice guide and links to references on the internet.

As of now, the project takes the shape of a free web site. New content will be posted every month. We hope that one day this will transform into books and other learning tools.

Let us know what you like, what could be improved, share your experience trying the exercise

The four seasons explore bondage on the floor only. Lifting the body with rope includes risks that are not discussed here. That said, the knowledge, techniques, and abilities discussed are part of a solid foundation that will be useful when learning suspension. The more experienced practitioners will also be able to adapt and include notion of suspension in the activities.

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