List of poses could go on and on as there seems to be infinite ways to shape the body. To continue exploring further we can challenge ourselves in different ways and make new ties emerge.

The goal of this week is to explore different method to design or improvise new ties

  • Day 176: History – Look into the work of people who inspire you, pick a picture and reproduce the tie
  • Day 177: Mannequin – Make yourself a practice dummy, take a long sleeve sweater and fill it up with towels. Use it to design a more complex tie before trying the tie on someone, or create something that would be impossible on an actual human being.
  • Day 178: Pattern Study – Take a tie pattern or structure you like an apply it to different part of the body. Ex: diamond, ladder, etc.
  • Day 179: Evolution – Start from a pattern or structure you master, and then modify the tie to give it a new goal. For exemple: make the tie more solid, change the aesthetic, or make it less escapable
  • Day 180: Random – Make a list of limbs and body parts and assign them number, then pick dices and randomly choose which body part should be tied to which other part. For more options, you can use a twister spinner.
  • Day 181: Body Structure – Cover the entire body with rope, make a spiral and loops around each limb. Then use that structure to create different shapes with the body
  • Day 182: Chaos – Throw a few ropes on the floor, place a person on the rope, tie everything up together.

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