Each person has different physical limits, they can even change from day to day and will evolve over time. One can find pleasure in pushing their body further, just like we can experience in many sports. As our body warms up, our flexibility and endurance increase. We can train to be able to push ourselves even further. To mitigate risk when exploring our physical limits with rope, we can progressively increase the intensity to avoid crossing boundaries in a big way or causing an injury. We also need to develop good body awareness to prevent long term problems.

The goal of this week is to explore getting closer to the different limits of our body and find out what we enjoy to challenge ourselves.

Day 162: Forward Bend – Create a tie to challenge the flexibility of the back of the legs. You can start with simple positions like child pose. If forward bending is one of your strengths, you can try tying the body in other yoga poses like plow pose, head to knee, standing forward bend, etc.
Day 163: Back Bend – Create a tie to challenge the back flexibility. Explore with yoga poses like the camel, bow pose, bridge pose. There are a few tricks to help get more backbend in a tie, you can place an object under the knee, and remove it once the tie is in place. The key to understanding the mobility of the spine and leg to get the most out of it. Check back on week 8 for more information on mobility.
Day 164: Arm Stretch – Find an arm stretch that you like and explore how you can tie it in place. This can be an exploration at pushing further one of the classic ties like the bunny ears, the riffle tie, or the strappado. I can also be looking at more exotic arm stretches in yoga and get creative in how you can include those ideas in bondage like the eagle arms, or the one-armed lotus pose.
Day 165: Splits – Test how far you can open and extend the legs, front splits, side splits, frog pose and using rope to keep the body in place. The goal is not to make a straight line but to explore your own limit by gently stretching to see where you can go.
Day 166: Torsion – Create ties to twist the body. Pull the lower body in a direction, then pull the upper body in the opposite direction and tie the position in place. Make sure to take good care of the spine as you explore with torsion.
Day 167: Endurance – Creating a tie that challenges strength. This can be a position that requires engaging the body like a squat or keeping balance. See how long one can hold and make sure you can release quickly.
Day 168: Mummification – Wrap the entire body and prevent it from moving. Add more rope to create a cocoon by wrapping the body progressively more and more. Make sure to use a few quick-release and keep the scissors close in case the tie becomes overwhelming.


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Credit: M: Bendy_Dude R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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