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Getting Started, Resources and more updates

I’ve been receiving a couple of messages lately saying how Rope365 is helping people around the world to keep up with isolation. It really helps to keep the motivation to update the website and make sure it brings the best… Continue Reading →

Starting again, 4+ years of writing

It’s April, which means… the pause is over! I’m really happy with my decision to take a break. I’m seeing things with a complete different eyes now, and writing doesn’t feel like a burden anymore, unlike how I was feeling… Continue Reading →

Winter, a whole year of rope exercises now available and some updates

The final season of summaries is now online and I have successfully completed my challenge for 2019. 52 topics, seven concepts to explore each week. Each concept can be a challenge, an experiment, something new to learn every day. So… Continue Reading →

Fall is Completed

A third season of summaries is now online. Fall is about rethinking how we do things in order to open new doors. This can be technical, this can be how we use our body, this can simply be challenging ourselves… Continue Reading →

Week 6 – The Hogtie – Now available

The hogtie is a position in which all four limbs are tied together in the back. It was named after a techniques to tie pigs to make them helpless. It is an efficient way to bind someone in a restrictive… Continue Reading →

Summer is Complete

We’re halfway through the year with 26 weeks of exercises written down and posted! I’m really proud of where Summer ended up. It’s like a guide of all classic body positions and some challenges to explore the possibilities of the… Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Box Tie – Now available

Munenawa 胸縄 (chest rope), gote shibari 後手縛り (tie with hands in the back), ushiro takate kote shibari 後ろ高手 小手縛り (tie with hands high in the back), TK (short for Takate Kote), box tie, etc. It has many names and even… Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Frog Ties – Now available

This fourth week takes us on an exploration of ties that keep the limbs in a bent position. The variation on the leg is often called futomomo shibari 太腿縛り (thigh tie) or futo 太 (fat) for short. Different patterns and… Continue Reading →

Week 3 – The Chest – Now Available

The Chest is seven different approaches to arms free upper body ties. A journey through different structures that will explore different sensations and aesthetics. Day 15: Ladder – Start with a single column tie across the chest and create a… Continue Reading →

Spring Week Summaries are Completed

It’s all online! Spring, 91 rope practice activities, 13 foundational topics that takes you from the 1st basic knot to complex ties with detours in developing core skills and experimenting with different mindsets. There are different ways to build a… Continue Reading →

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