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Week 3 – The Chest – Now Available

The Chest is seven different approaches to arms free upper body ties. A journey through different structures that will explore different sensations and aesthetics. Day 15: Ladder – Start with a single column tie across the chest and create a… Continue Reading →

Spring Week Summaries are Completed

It’s all online! Spring, 91 rope practice activities, 13 foundational topics that takes you from the 1st basic knot to complex ties with detours in developing core skills and experimenting with different mindsets. There are different ways to build a… Continue Reading →

Week 2- Hitches – is now available

The seven activities for week 2 are now available! This chapter covers seven basic hitches and how to use them to unleash your creativity while drilling and mastering the technique. Day 8: Half Hitch – Create a tie inspired by dreamcatchers… Continue Reading →

Naming Things and Progress Update

I’m struggling with the naming of things. I wanna use the most correct term for everything but how does one decide what is correct and what is not? I’ve never been very attached to naming things correctly until now. As… Continue Reading →

365 challenges and daily posting

So my goal this year was and still is to post one chapter a month (7 daily activities). Considering my current velocity, and the amount of free time I have ahead, that will be a challenge but if I push… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Foundation is now available

The seven activities for week 1 are now available! This chapter covers all the basics with tutorials to get started with rope and ideas to practice and explore to improve your mastery of each techniques. Day 1: Single Column Tie  feat…. Continue Reading →

Setting goals for 2019

It’s pretty typical to set goals for the new years, I have an history of setting challenges for myself (and actually doing it). There was the 365 days of rope in 2013, then 52 music opus in 2014. Now is… Continue Reading →

Table of Content Update

I promised I would post the chapters of Spring by the end of the week, and here we are. Is is ready? I don’t know, take it like a work in progress. A week ago, I though those chapters were… Continue Reading →

Overcoming challenges and writing again!

It’s been over another year of writing and it’s time for a project update. The books are still far from done but they are growing, it never stopped moving. I feel constantly challenged between the people who voice their need… Continue Reading →

Projet recap after 1+ year of writing

It feels like my brain is constantly working on the book, I’m watching something on netflix and then I have to stop and take a note of something to add to a chapter. It’s progressing well, I was hoping to… Continue Reading →

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