Rope365 is a compendium of ideas to learn, practice and explore rope bondage. Also known as shibari or kinbaku, rope can be a powerful tool to connect with your partner, with your own body, and with your creative mind. 365 concepts to try out, enough to keep you busy for a year, and probably a lifetime.

The Rope365 curriculum is built around simple building blocks and playful ideas to create your own ties and sessions. The Getting Started section and the first two weeks of Spring contain the most essential techniques, and from there you can explore the topics in any order.

This site cover subjects related to sexuality and intimacy and is intended for an adult audience.

Getting started – If this is your first time on this website or if you are just getting started with rope, this section will give you an overview of the rope365 project and cover important information like consent, safety and starting with rope.
Spring – Foundations and classics. This section includes full tutorials on foundational techniques and classic ties, then takes you on a discovery of key concepts.
Summer – Body positions. Summer explores 91 different ways to bind the bodies with upper body ties, structures and much more.
Fall – Techniques and mastery. Fall is all about expanding the toolbox with more techniques, challenging yourself to improve your skills, and thinking more creatively about tying.

Winter – Explorations. Winter goes into the more intense realm of rope bondage, looking at the past, using objects and creating intense experience with a bunch of torture ideas, for solo, duo, or bigger group of people.

News and Writings – Read the blog for the latest news and for the documentation of the writing process of the project.
Resources – This section includes additional resources such as vocabulary, rope shopping and other ways to learn rope bondage
About – Hi! I’m Ebi McKnotty! This is the section where you can contact me and know more about myself and my collaborators.

Credits: Title bar M: Era R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Banner, Winter M: Miss Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Spring M: SarahToninGirl R: ARareVintage P: Ebi McKnotty – Summer M: AlexK7 R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Fall M: NathanielFlumen R/P: Ebi McKnotty – About: M: Era R: Ebi McKnotty P: AlexK7

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