I’ve been receiving a couple of messages lately saying how Rope365 is helping people around the world to keep up with isolation. It really helps to keep the motivation to update the website and make sure it brings the best content.

Since the last post, I have worked a lot on making the website easier to navigate. I’ve leaned the menu to include only the main sections and started adding link grids with pictures and descriptions. I’ve also started adding big buttons at the end of most pages to make it more intuitive what to read next if you are looking at exploring the whole site without a particular page in mind. Many pages remain to be done but I hope to have the whole site updated with the new layout by the end of the year, probably way before that.

I’m particularly proud of the Book page which now features lots of images and descriptions for each book. I have also added affiliate links to amazon and Japanese Bound. I know it’s unlikely to bring enough sales to touch any money, but ain’t sure not gonna happen if I don’t put the system in place. It’s funny that when I was struggling with the “How to use this site” page Alex just said: “you improved your site so much you don’t need this anymore” and I removed the page with much relief.

What was updated so far (feel free to point out mistakes or give any feedback on those sections):

Updating the site takes a lot of time which is resulting in a new goal. Get the website to a really good place by the end of 2020, and then don’t touch it until 2022 to focus on the book itself. This comes with the compromise not to include all content on the website so I can focus on creating content rather than updating the website. Week 1-8 will be fully there as they are important topics and I want to make them accessible, and week 9-52 will be exclusive to the books with only pictures and summaries on the website. I will likely stop improving the existing text on the website and keep the new improvements for the book. At least while I try to move the book forward next year.

Behind the curtain I completed a huge structure review of the whole 365 with a tracking spreadsheet. This process included going through my entire library and class notes, plus discussing with a few brainstorm partners. I have also started reviewing Week 1 and Summer with new content coming next month. New tips for those who get tied, technique tutorials on finishing end, extending rope and finger hooking and more! I also made progress on writing the first draft of Week 7 and started adding links to the website for that section.

I’m getting a lot of support in this process from friends and other rope educators who have been given precious feedback. I’m also running more advanced spellcheck on everything to clean the text even more. It’s kinda time-consuming because the software has a hard time with the size of my documents.

Next steps will be

  • Bring latest update of week 1 and summer on the website
  • Complete and post week 7
  • Start reviewing week 2
  • Continue idea research

On a more personal level, we are still under strict isolation as our region is still very affected by the virus. It has allowed me to push more than I would usually do on the book, but lack of other plans has made me very obsessive about working on the project and I fear it is not healthy in the long run. I took a week off work to rest, and I ended up with a revamped website and 60 more pages in my document. Good but also… I have video games I was supposed to play, and my piano could use some love. I did pick up on a new origami hobby though 😄

I’m going to take a two weeks break to bring back the balance, hopefully coming back with fresh eyes will help as well.

Page count:

  • Spring: 390
  • Summer: 206
  • Fall: 127
  • Winter: 143
  • Total: 866