I’m a rope enthusiast based in Quebec City, Canada. I discovered self-tying in 2006 and started modelling in 2007. I started tying others and self-suspending in 2011 on a trip to London where I meet a large crew of teachers and performers from Japan and Europe. It hasn’t stopped since. I travel all over the world to learn and share my discoveries with my community. Grounded in the Japanese style, my ropes have been described as experimental, sweet, sensual and sadistic; usually all at the same time.

So many incredible people have been on our path, rope connects people, and not just on a physical level.

Why Rope Bondage?

Shibari, Kinbaku, tying people with rope is a craft that can take many shapes and purposes. It can be erotic, sensual, friendly, violent, soft, artistic, acrobatic, emotional, messy, it’s up to the participants to decide. For me, it is a form of self expression to create an experience for the person being tied, and sometimes, for an audience as well. It is an emotional journey of trust, vulnerability, and exploration, for the body, mind and soul.

I’m inspired by a wide variety of artists that I learned from. I’m a student of Akechi Denki style and actively learn from my teachers Nawashi Akechi Kanna and Pedro Cordas. My journey started studying with Hajime KinokoKazami Ranki and Osaka Dan, their influence is forever in my heart. Many other teachers influenced my practice, A-Nicolas (Yoroï), Tifereth, Felix Ruckert, Butterfly, all the NARIX and EURIX friends, thank you so much for everything.

The practice of Japanese rope bondage finds some of its origins in violent practices from the distant past and is rooted in the erotic. Rope doesn’t have to be sexual or sadistic, but I honour its history. It should always be consensual and risk aware.

Rope Teaching

I’m focussing on sharing rope knowledge via my project Rope 365. I am also part of the organizing team of Rendez-Vous Cordiaux in Quebec City, we gather once a month with intro and regular classes and have intensive programs for more complex techniques. See the event page for our upcoming events.

I only teach private classes for students who have already studied with me. I am retired from international teaching and happy to recommend other great teachers around the world.

I am no longer organizing NARIX and Montreal’s Nuit des Cordes (NDC). I highly support the new crew and recommend these events dear to my heart.

Rope Performance

I love to build rope performances that will create emotions and take the audience on a journey. Each of them unique, a collaboration with my partners and built for each occasion. See my performance albums for more examples of my work. Contact me at ebimcknotty@gmail.com to discuss opportunities.

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