Spring aims to explore all the essential building blocks and the most classic ties to build a solid foundation. The different activities will guide you into building good technique, collaborating with your partner, and (re)discover why some classics are loved by so many.

Make sure you check the getting started section first!

Week 1: Foundation – Everything you need to get started, and practical exercises to improve mastery of the basics.
Week 2: Hitches – Get a deeper understanding of a few hitches, and to use them to explore your own creativity.
Week 3: The Chest – Different approaches to tie the torso and create different chest harnesses.
Week 4: Frog Tie – aka futomomo shibari – Variations of ties with the leg bent or the arm bent.
Week 5: Box Tie – aka Ushiro Takate Kote Shibari, or TK – A classic tie with the arms behind the back.
Week 6: Hog Tie – aka Gyaku Ebi – a classic tie where the legs and arms are tied in the back.
Week 7: The Rope – Understanding the different characteristics of the rope.
Week 8: The Body – Anatomy knowledge and discovery of the body diversity.
Week 9: Tension – get a better understanding of how tension works and improve control with practical exercises.
Week 10: Movement – Explore with moving yourself, and moving another, with control and efficiency.
Week 11: Partnership – Communication strategies and teamwork.
Week 12: Intimacy – Spice up your rope game with some sexy explorations.
Week 13: The Bed – Get sexy on the bed and use the structure to create new positions.

Or skip directly to Summer to look at the different body positions.

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