Are you able to do different things with each hand at the same time? One hand can caress while the other torture. Interesting play opportunities arise when we can do more than one thing at once. We can drastically improve our handling if each of our hands and fingers is more efficient. The brain is not very good at focussing on several things at the same time. By practicing, we can teach our body to learn practical moves so we can get our focus on what truly matters.

The goal of this week is to challenge ourselves to unlock our potential for ambidexterity and do several things at the same time.

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Day 232: One-Handed – Being able to tie a one-handed lark’s head can make your rope extension much faster. Other knots like the slip knot can be done with one hand as well. What about doing your favourite single-column tie one-handed? Or tying a whole pattern! Can you make two different knots with each hand at the same time?

Day 233: Switching Sides – Practice your favourite single column tie but switching to your non-dominant hand leading. Pick a pattern (box tie, frog tie) and measure how much time it takes to tie it. Now try again with only your dominant hand. Now try again with your non-dominant hand. Now try tying with both hands again. Has your score improved?

Day 234: Fingers – Can you do more than one thing with the same hand? Play the forbidden finger game, tape some of your fingers so you are forced to use others. Practice holding an object while tying at the same time.

Day 235: No Hands – Multitasking also involves using the rest of the body. Use your mouth, tie with your toes, use your entire body to move the rope. Keep your hands off the rope for a while.

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Day 236: Super Middle – The bight is the middle of the rope, and the super middle is the new middle created from folding the rope a second time. Using the super middle as a starting point will allow you to create different kinds of ties that are fast, but requires more ambidexterity as you have to manipulate two ropes at the same time. For example, you can place the super middle on the back of the neck and use the two ends to create a quick restriction of the arms in the back. Or you can place it in the middle of the back and create different kinds of chest structures with a twist in the front.

Day 237: Many Ropes – Explore tying with several ropes at the same time. You can keep the ropes together and practice keeping the rope even with a very large wrap. Then you can split the ropes and practice tying with two hands at the same time.

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Day 238: Goals – The culmination of multitasking is achieving different goals at the same time. We can hold a person in position while tightening a knot. We can kiss and caress while the rope is torturing the body. Try doing something nice and something mean at the same time. Try holding your partner’s hand as you untie.


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