For increased efficiency, one must be able to control their speed and use their entire body. As you become able to use both hands at the same time, interesting play opportunity arise. Are you able to tie with one hand while using the other one for stimulation? Can you surprise everyone with a super fast tie? How fast can you untie everything in case of emergency? Can you control your speed for the sexiest experience? Speed and ambidexterity is really about range of possibility and control.

The goal of this week is to challenge ourselves to use all our fingers to tie at the speed we want when we need it!

  • Day 232: Fast – Tie as fast as you can, this can be a pattern, or just improvising. Take a break, observe, now untie as fast as you can. Take your favorite pattern and measure your tying and untying time, repeat a few time to see if you can improve your score.
  • Day 233: Slow – Make it slow, really slow. How slow can you tie without stoping completely? Constantly moving, but at the lowest speed possible.
  • Day 234: Tension Speed – Maintaining tension while tying at different speeds is an important skill. Let’s go back to the exercise from day 57 and add notions of speed. Maintain even tension, when tension change the person tying makes a sound. This works really well tying and untying the first rope of the box tie. Try to tie slow and very tight. Try to tie fast and very loose (with the rope just hugging the skin).
  • Day 235: One Handed Knots – Being able to tie a cow hitch one handed will make your rope extension much faster. Other knots like the slip knot can be done with one hand as well. Can you make two different knots with each hand at the same time?
  • Day 236: One Handed Patterns – Pick a pattern (box tie, frog tie) and measure how much time it takes to tie it. Now try again with only your dominant hand. Now try again with you non-dominant hand. Now try tying with both hands again. Has your score improved?
  • Day 237: Hand Multitasking – How many things can you do with a single hand at the same time? Try holding an object and tying with the rest of the hand at the same time.
  • Day 238: Two Hands – Each hand their piece of rope. You can use two ropes, or split one rope at the middle or supermiddle, and tie with each hand. Modify a tie to gain speed while using two ropes at the same time. Design a pattern that feels natural tying with two hands.


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