52 weeks of rope is a project that aim to help stimulate regular practice of rope bondage art. We aim to create different didactic material to help support learning and exploring.

Our goals

  • Foster regular practice and passion for rope bondage
    • Create a compendium of ideas that is easy to browse through
    • Create a variety of tools to learn and explore (book, site, cards, mind map etc.)
    • Break down the concepts of rope bondage in building blocs and simple exercices to make it more accessible
  • Bring together variety of styles and inspirations
    • Pictures from a diversity of background
    • Contributors from around the world
    • Insights expert from different fields
    • Channel a variety of preferences and personal experience.
  • Research for the project creates a journey for the writers and contributors, this is not about just putting down what we know, but exploring in order to discover what should be there

What this project is not

  • Something that cathers to beginners only
  • Ebi’s style book 🙂
  • A program where everything is explained in step by step

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