The hogtie is a position in which all four limbs are tied together in the back. It was named after a techniques to tie pigs to make them helpless. It is an efficient way to bind someone in a restrictive position. We can find references to hogties in most cultures: martial art, law enforcement, damsel in distress pin-ups, etc. Japaneses call it gyaku ebi shibari 逆海老縛り (reverse shrimp tie). Different variations of the tie have a wide range of complexity, from minimalist to combining several tie design together.

The goal of this week is to explore different ways to make someone helpless with a hogtie by combining different techniques.

  • Day 36: Wrists to Ankles – Make a minimalist hog tie by tying the ankles and wrists together
  • Day 37: Shoulders to Ankles – Get a bit more complex by starting at the shoulder, binding the arms in an armbinder (aka strappado) along the way and catching the ankles, a classic!
  • Day 38: Chest Harness – Add a bit more structure by using a chest harness or a box tie as an anchor to attach the rest
  • Day 39: Ankles Crossing – Try the hog tie position with the ankles crossing.
  • Day 40: Legs Crossing – Explore asymmetry by crossing the knees and binding the ankles in the back in this position
  • Day 41: Asymmetry – How to keep the legs open in a hog tie position? Try out different methods to bind the legs with a more spread position
  • Day 42: Flipping – What happen when you turn on the side while in a hog tie? Try tying something while on the back, then flipping on the belly.

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