Tying someone to the bed, ain’t that the greatest classic of all. The multiple attachment opportunities and the soft surface allows to make someone comfortable, trapped and exposed, all at the same time.

The goal of this week is to explore a few ways of tying on a structure: the possibilities are endless.

If your bed doesn’t have attachment points, you can put rope under the mattress to create an anchor on each side. Repeat for even more anchors. For less comfort, these activities can also work with any other flat surfaces with anchors on the sides.

Day 85: Wrists Together – Tie the wrist together and use the bed structure to pull the wrists in different directions.
Day 86: Ankles Together – Tie the ankles together and use the bed structure to pull the heels over the head and expose the butt.
Day 87: Spread – Tie the wrists and ankles to the different corners of the bed. The spread eagle with each limb to each corner in an X position is a classic, also try different combinaisons.
Day 88: Side – Lying on the side will offer different positions. In particular observe how you can open the shoulders by pulling the wrist up in the back
Day 89: Face Down – Explore tying with the face in the pillow, how can you use the bed to place them in a nice
Day 90: Headboard – Use the bed headboard as your anchor point.
Day 91: Web Cage – Leverage the multiple points where you can attach around the bed to create a net over your partner.


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