Once we have a solid structure of the two rope box tie in place, we can continue the tie to enhance its solidity and aesthetic. One of the most common way to shape the front of the box tie by coming over the shoulder and catching the wraps in front in a V. This is a great way to add tension and shape the breasts or pectoral region.

Safety for All

Just like with the two ropes design, we have to be mindful of the risk as we add more ropes. The V in front may cause some discomfort when passing over the clavicle, we can adjust tension, or use another rope to pull it away in a more comfortable spot.

V and Turtle Shell

The V shape in the front is a similar technique to the ladder chest harness from day 15. Here we combine it with a turtle shell pattern in the back that is both a structural addition that makes the whole tie more solid and an aesthetic way to finish the tie. The hexagon pattern is named kikkoo 亀甲 (turtle shell) in Japanese and is inspired by Akechi Denki 明智伝鬼 (1940-2005) and Nawashi Kanna 縄師 神凪.

Pattern variations

Both the front and the back offer opportunities to be creative with the rope pattern

  • Infinite variations of shape of the V in front, making more or less twists, adding decorative knot and frictions
  • Pulling the shoulder strap to move them away from the clavicles
  • Add additional lines to creates shapes such as an inverted start star

Mynx’s Three Rope Box Tie

It’s interesting to look how a totally different style and construction flows and achieve similar goals of sculpting the shapes of the body and solidifying the structure.

We’ll explore more variations of patterns in week 18 (summer)

Practice Time!

As we bring the rope across the chest, the pattern get less formal and we can explore our own creativity and create something special for the person we tie.

Self-evaluation checklist

  • All frictions and hitches are compacted and strong
  • Tension is even across the whole pattern (lower wrap should be looser)
  • Is the pattern symmetric? In the front? In the back?

Exploration ideas

  • Change the tension when pulling up on the wrap in front – the more you add, the more squeeze
  • Use the remaining rope to pull the rope away from the clavicles
  • Twist the rope between the breasts/pecs to create a space or as an aesthetic element
  • Creating a friction to trap the upper wrap
  • Make a V with just the upper or lower wrap
  • Add more more V to make different shapes
  • Try pulling only half the ropes in the wrap
  • Explore making different patterns in the back and test how they affect the stability of the structure

Solo tip

  • How can you change the order of the tie to make it possible to tie this on yourself?


Inspirations and Resources

Coming soon!

Credit: V and Turtle Shell box tie design inspired by Akechi Denki and Nawashi Kanna, M: _Era_ R: Ebi McKnotty P: AlexK7 – Mynx box tie – M: -BOP- R: Mynx P: Ebi McKnotty

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