Creating a chest structure with diamond shapes is such a classic that in some Japanese sex shops you can find rope to create this tie with pre-tied knots. It is often referred to using the Japanese words karada 体 (body) or hishi 菱 (diamond). A variation with hexagons is also very popular and is named kikkoo 亀甲 (turtle shell).

This type of harness is often used as a decorative tie, but it creates an interesting compression effect and you can attach other limbs to the structure for something more restrictive. The diamond shape can be more comfortable when we pull on it than a ladder structure because of how it distributes the pressure at an angle.

Opening diamonds

The most common way to tie diamonds on the chest is to place the bight behind the neck and make knots in the front. Then you can continue to the back to catch the bight behind the neck. you can come back to the front and open the ropes between the knots into diamonds.

Opening the diamonds will make the tie progressively tighter, watch out for the ability to breathe of the person being tied. Make sure you discuss ahead placement between the legs. You can split ropes after one of the knots to go around the waist instead.

Drawing Diamonds

You can also create a structure with a diamond pattern using half hitches and crossing hitches. The aesthetic will be similar to the Karada, but the difference in construction makes the placement of the rope more precise and the tension in the tie more constant throughout the process of tying.

You can progressively add diamond shapes by making consecutive x shapes. Can you figure out this pattern? We use half hitches to connect with the previous X, and use a crossing hitch for the middle of the X.

If you make a spiral and then make a second spiral in the opposite direction on top of it, diamond shapes will emerge.

Video Tutorial

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Practice Time!

Make your own diamond harness!

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • Frictions are compacted and tight with no undesired twists
  • Ropes are flat against the body, no uncomfortable twists
  • Tension is even across the tie
  • Is the tie symmetric?
  • Pull-on the tie in different directions to measure its solidity

Exploration ideas:

  • Different sizes/numbers of diamonds
  • Different level of tightness
  • Tie only on the upper chest, or expand to include the entire upper body?
  • Try to use the diamond to frame or enhance something you like
  • Reverse the tie to focus on the diamond on the back like a turtle shell
  • Create a harness with diamonds on both sides (front of chest and back)
  • Create the diamond pattern without using any knots

Being tied: Neck and Collar Bones – sansblague

As the “diamonds” are added and this pattern tightens, the ropes are likely to put some pressure on your neck and/or your collarbones. Figure out together with your partner where the ropes should be placed and how tight they should be for you to still be comfortable in them.

Inspirations and Resources

Credit: Open diamond M: AlexK7 R/P: Ebi McKnotty – X Diamond M:_Era_ R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Spiral Diamond M: Miss_Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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