There are so many reasons to tie the chest:  

  • The erotic sensation of tying around erogenous zones
  • The compression of the rib cage that restricts breathing
  • Creating a structure to attach other parts of the body
  • Decorating the chest to display its beauty
  • etc…

The larger surface of the torso makes it an interesting location to explore different patterns and structures. Each person is different and the same idea will result in something unique.

The goal of this week is to experiment with different structures, play with them and learn to create something adapted for the unique body being tied.

Day 15: Ladder – Start with a single column tie across the chest and create a ladder structure
Day 16: Weavings – Start with a diagonal single column tie across the chest and explore with weavings patterns
Day 17: Diamonds – Try different method to make a diamond pattern harness, (hishi in Japanese). Open diamond structure (aka Karada), or drawing the diamonds using hitches.
Day 18: Knots – Add decorative knots to a structure, try the double coin knot and/or triple crown knot
Day 19: Serpentine – Create a zigzag structure with a technique similar to the open diamond structure. Can you figure out a magic trick to make a whole harness disappear with one pull?
Day 20: Asymmetry – Explore with asymmetric ties
Day 21: Sculpture – Create unique shapes for the unique body being tied. Make pattern that create empowerment, use the pressure of the rope to shape the chest to your desire.

Or skip directly to Frog Tie for more techniques.

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