The cow hitch has a topology similar to the lark’s head but is tied by threading the ends. It is a great way to change direction with the rope and lock tension in place at the same time. We can also adapt the cow hitch to make a more solid variant of the inline cuff.

Cow Hitch

The cow hitch is technically two half hitches (Day 8) tied in a symmetric way and it is very close to the clove hitch (Day 9), which is two half hitches in the same direction.

Basic Crotch rope

The crotch rope is a grand classic, also known as matanawa 股縄 in Japanese. Make sure your partner is comfortable with this tie before proceeding and discuss the amount of pressure they desire. You can put the rope slightly on the sides to avoid pressure directly on the genitals.

Cow Hitch Cuff

You can use a cow hitch to make a locked cuff, slightly more secure than the half hitch inline cuff from Day 12. The origin and exit rope cross each other inside the friction, this direction ensures the friction compacts if you are tying at an angle. Note that the cuff is only locked in one direction, if you pull on the origin rope, the cuff may tighten.

Pictures show side B, can you figure out side A?

Hip harness

You can design pretty hip harnesses using cow hitches and crossing hitches. Can you figure out this tie? Rope 1 is natural, rope 2 is red, rope 3 is purple.

Practice Time!

Design your own hip harness using cow hitches.

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • Rope is compact and tight with no undesired twists
  • Which side of the knot do you prefer to be toward the person being tied? Is one flatter than the other? Is one prettier than the other?
  • When you tie at an angle, observe if pulling on the tail open or tighten the hitch.
  • Pull the harness in different directions; how does it hold?

Exploration ideas:

  • How much pressure do you like on the crotch region?
  • How does the sensation change between a single rope between the legs versus having several?
  • Try creating structures with cow hitches elsewhere on the body.

Being Tied: Speaking about the Crotch – sansblague

People might be more or less comfortable with someone touching their crotch area. Crotches as such might also be more or less sensitive and in different ways. It is probably more fun for you if you can voice your needs and preferences when it comes to crotch ropes, not only by agreeing to do it or not, but also by being specific about rope placement once you do it. If skin or hair gets pinched, or if your pubic bone is sensitive, or if you would like the rope to go three millimetres to the right so that it squishes the clitoris properly, or if you would like a little knot at the base of your balls right where the perineum starts – then find a way to express that, and you can work together from there. The genital area of the human body is very rich in both pleasurable and tricky sensations, so make sure to get the best of it.

Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Cow Hitch: R/P EbiMcKnotty – Crotch Rope, Cow Hitch Cuff, Hip Harness: M luluXsparkle R/P EbiMcKnotty

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