I’ve been spending a lot of the time during the holiday writing, testing new exercise ideas and taking pictures for the first book. Thanks to all the people who gave me feedback on my work in progress, I have completely revised  the section about consent, communication and safety. I have transferred a lot of the information from that chapter in the getting started section of this web site. This section is still a work in progress but feel free to add links and comments on the different articles.

The first book, Spring, has now reached the milestone of 100+ pages written in google docs, and the structure of the others (Summer, Fall and Winter) is now in place. I will continue to give a big push in the next two weeks, and then take a big pause for my very first trip in Japan. I’m quite anxious how the learnings from this trip will affect my writing. Will I want to rewrite everything? Will I want to quit on writing? Will I be more inspired more than ever? Likely yes to all this.

The most magical part so far has been the collaboration and comment feature of google doc. A few amazing people have been contributing little text from their experience, or correcting some mistakes, or adding comments on things. I’m learning so much from all of them. The project has been a very good excuse to revisit the basics and get a better understanding of everything.