Hands are a fascinating part of the body with its many bones, nerves, muscles, and its ability to feel and manipulate objects with precision. There is also a very powerful psychological aspect of controlling the movement of hands and fingers. This complexity comes at the cost of fragility, we have to be mindful when tying the fingers as injuring them can have lasting effects on someone’s life.

The goal of this week is to discover the body mechanic of the hands and explore the emotions that come from tying them.

Day 176: Fingers Together – We can create interesting ties with very little rope. Tying a finger from each hand in the back, like the two indexes or the two thumbs, is surprisingly restrictive. Try connecting fingers and explore the different possibilities.
Day 177: Hands Together – Hands can be bound together in many different combinations. Palms together, or facing out, finger pointing in the same direction, or opposite, in front of the body, or in the back? Combine the hands in different ways and explore how you can integrate the fingers in the tie.
Day 178: Closed Fists – It is said that, in the Edo period in Japan, a closed fist means that the bound person has yet to admit to their crime. Explore how you can tie the hand to force it in a closed position.
Day 179: Pinning Fingers – In opposition to the fist, the meaning of a hand forced open in the Edo period of Japan meant that some had admitted to their crime. We can leverage the structure of a tie to tie the hand in the desired position. By looping around a rope and catching the fingers, we can quickly tie the hand in place. Explore with different structures and try different positions open hand, palm facing in or out, etc. How does tying the fingers impact the feeling of vulnerability?
Day 180: Wrist Lock – Pulling the wrists back into a joint lock is a very restrictive position. Explore how this principle can be used in a tie by tying the palm or finger and pulling the wrist backward. Take time and care as pulling the wrist against its limit can lead to an injury if we push too far.
Day 181: Interlocking Fingers – When fingers are pressed when interlocking, the two hands become trapped together. This is an interesting tie as it allows to create intense restriction while keeping the wrists free. Try to bind the fingers interlocking each other and try to combine this technique with other body positions.
Day 182: Distortion – Fingers and wrists have a range of motion that allows them to be pulled in various directions. Explore movement in the hands and how you can shape them to be elegant, or distort them to make unusual shapes.


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