During our ties, we can seek to create sensations on a scale, from mild discomfort to intense pain. Some techniques are particularly sought out for their possibilities in creating more intense experiences. One may have a high pain tolerance for some types of sensation, and not for others. Preference will vary as well, and trying different approaches may bring surprising discoveries. High-intensity activities generally come with their load of risks, taking small steps and informing yourself before moving forward are good ways to mitigate those.

The goal of this week is to explore with different torture techniques and discover the sensations we like to play with.

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Day 316: Scratchy – Use the friction of the rope on the skin to create sensations. This can be rubbing the rope on the skin, using a very abrasive rope, or using a stretchy rope to make an elastic sting. You can also explore adding objects to create extra sensations.

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Day 317: Compression – Create a tie that generates intense compression. One popular way to do this is to do reverse tensions on the calf and then force the muscle to contract so it expands. For additional intensity, you can insert a solid stick (bamboo, chopstick) in a tie, then start twisting the stick to increase tension in the rope. Warning, this can add high levels of pressure on the body very quickly, make sure no nerves can get impinged by the rope.

Day 318: Twine – Very thin rope will dig into the skin in a different way. Use rope twine or other material like dental floss to create your tie.

Day 319: Trapping Nipples – The nipples and the areola are rich in nerve endings which creates interesting opportunities for intense sensations but their tiny round shape makes it a challenge to tie. Explore squeezing, pulling and stimulating the nipples in different ways.

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Day 320: Hot and Cold – Play with temperature and rope. Make your rope cold by putting them in the freezer or dipping them in the snow or cold water. Add ice to your tie. Or the opposite, and make your rope warm. Hot wax and rope mixes really well as you can trap a candle in the rope.

Day 321: Wet – Waterbondage can be a high risk activity. Explore progressively adding rope, making it wet, being submerged in water while tied up. Some rope will shrink when wet, creating intense sensations of compression. Can you swim with a rope mermaid tail?

Day 322: Kneeling Torment – The ishidaki torment is one of the four torture from the Edo period in Japan. It consisted of sitting kneeling on a board made with wood blocks at an angle, and adding stones on their laps to make it progressively harder. You can design a similar torment making someone kneel on different objects like bamboo rods or legos and adding weight if the sensation is not already intense enough.

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