Playing with rope between the legs can bring excitement and fear. The crotch area of the body is quite intimate and can bring intense sensation. Not everyone will feel comfortable with rope in this area, some may want to keep this for specific partners, other can opt to skip those activities. Direct and indirect contact with the crotch area requires more explicit negotiation, including the type of stimulation and hygiene requirements. Once you are feeling ready for this adventure, the crotch rope will provide many opportunities for exploration and discovery.

The goal of this week is to explore with the different sensations and possibilities when tying the crotch while maintaining a positive negotiation dialogue.

  • Day 316: Crotch Rope – Explore with variation of the basic crotch rope as seen in day 13. Try making it thicker, tighter, play with the placement.
  • Day 317: Structural – Include the crotch in a larger structure. For example, you can attach the front and the back of an upper chest tie by going between the legs.
  • Day 318: Attaching a Vibrator – Find ways to attach a vibrator to the body. Different shapes of vibrator will give different challenges. What are the best spot to place it? Anywhere else on the body you want to tie it?
  • Day 319: Strap-on Harness – Create a harness so you can attach a dildo to the body. You can aim at a more functional harness, or something more decorative. Dildos can be attached anywhere, this is your chance to become the unicorn, or the triceratops you always dreamed of!
  • Day 320: Stimulation – Create a tie that will create stimulation by adding knots to stimulate the different pressure points of the crotch.
  • Day 321: Genitals – Explore with the shape of the genital itself. How can you tie the labias, or the shaft of the penis itself?
  • Day 322: Chastity – Create a tie that will hold your partner or yourself in chastity. This can be by covering the genitals, or shaping them in a way that will keep the person modest.

Credit: M: MissDoctor, R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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