Creating choices for the person being tied represents an interesting challenge, full of possibilities. A predicament is a dilemma where all the options have a negative impact. In bondage this usually takes the form of a system where the person tied has a few movement options that will create different sensations. Moving in rope can create unpredictable situations. Keep an eye to make sure the ties stay safe and be ready to untie or cut the rope quickly.

The goal of this week is to design ties that create a notion of choices and play with different predicament concepts.

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Day 344: Connecting – Create a tie that connects two parts of the body in a way that if the person that is tied moves in a direction, it relieves one but pulls the other. Hair, toes and crotch are common choices for this type of predicament.

Day 345: Position – Create a predicament that will force a specific position. For example, keeping the leg open with a rope that goes through the mouth, or staying in a squat position by putting the crotch downward, but putting something on the floor that will prevent it from going all the way down. How long will they hold the position?

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Day 346: Directions – Pulling the body in opposing directions can create interesting internal forces opposing each other in the body. Use the environment or furniture to pull the body in all directions.

Day 347: Weights – Can you create a situation by attaching the body to something heavy? Will they lift or drag the weight to reach a goal?

Day 348: Stimulation – Create a tie where certain movements will create a form of stimulation. This can simply be tying the hands to a crotch rope, or designing a complex self fucking system with insertable toys.

Day 349: Self Choking – Design a tie where the person will choke themselves. This can be forcing their own body to compress their neck, a position that will restrict breathing, or a limb pulling on something that will limit breathing.

Day 350: Consequences – Create a situation where a choice will have real consequences. Ex: an object breaking, something falling and pulling off nipple clamps, poking a water balloon with needle creating a mess, etc.


Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Banner, connecting M: Era R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Position M: Freya R: SteveJones P: Ebi McKnotty – Weights M: Miss Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Stimulation M: Nathaniel Fumen R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Self-choking M: AlexK7 R/P: Ebi McKnotty