The internet is filled with interesting websites that approach rope bondage from different perspectives. Check them out and expand your knowledge and your perspectives. You can also post your favourite website in the comments.

  • – Yes, this very website! You’ll find information on various topics covering the foundation of rope bondage. From Week 1-8, you’ll find full tutorials and 365 rope exercice ideas with resources when available.
  • Crash Restraints by Topologist and RachelKi – A very structured website with lots of videos and information on various ties. From floorwork to suspension. It features Topologist creative engineering style.
  • Remedial Ropes by Shay Tiziano – A website dedicated to safety in rope bondage.
  • The Rope Bottom Guide by Clover – Information and blog focussed around being tied. Includes a bottoming guide and a blog.
  • Kinbaku Today by Zetsu – News and blog about Japanese rope bondage for the western audience.
  • Rope study by Ma’iitsoh Yazhi – The website of the Richmond, Virginia group. Includes free online classes: introduction to rope bondage and introduction to bottoming.
  • Self-suspend by Shay Tiziano – A website dedicated to self-suspension.
  • Butterfly Bondage – Personal website of Butterfly Bondage in the Netherlands that includes inspiring pictures and links to more resources.
  • Saara Rei – Personal website of Saara Rei in Sweden that includes inspiring pictures.
  • Tokyo Bound by Osada Steve – Blog with lots of interview and other information about Japanese bondage

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