Rope is a great way to get our body moving and working out our strength and flexibility. To expand our horizons we can look into other crafts, sports and communities to find inspiration. How are we using the mechanics of our body? How are people working together to push each other further? What neat trick can we integrate in rope play?

The goal of this week is to get our body moving, and explore how rope can be integrated in our work out routine.

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Day 267: Warm up – Get the body moving in multiple directions to get good circulation in every joint. Use rope to manipulate the body into various positions to get the body warmed-up.

Day 268: Dancing – Put some music on and use rope to make your partner dance. Explore movement and rhythm as you tie. Improvise or build your own choreography.

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Day 269: Wrestling – Each person ties a rope around their waist and uses the rope to try to pin down their opponent. Look at wrestling and similar combat sports for grappling inspiration.

Day 270: Strength – Create a tie that will challenge your physical strength, work out in some endurance position like a wall sit or a plank, lift some weights using the tie, or use your strength to move your partner while you tie.

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Day 271: Equilibrium – Can you challenge the body to maintain balance while doing rope? Try balancing on one foot while tying or being tied. Look into yoga balance poses and acro yoga techniques. Make sure someone is close to catch the person tied up should they lose their balance.

Day 272: Stretching – Use rope to get the body into a good stretch. Look at yoga poses, how can you use rope to deepen into your favourite stretch.

Day 273: Rest – At the end of the workout, it’s time to rest. How can we use rope to facilitate rest and meditation? Look at mindfulness techniques and tantra. Create a tie that connects with your energy chakra to find peace in rope.


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