Using more complex knots can make a structure more solid and is a great way to add decoration to a chest tie. There are several families of knots where the same topological principles can be applied at different level of complexity. We’re starting some classic knots and will explore more in day 210.

Half knot, Square Knot and Granny Knot

Chances are you have already used these knots to tie your shoes. Two consecutive half knot will create either a square knot or a granny knot depending on which direction it is tied.

Double Coin Knot

Also known as Josephine knot in macrame, the double coin knot is a variation of the carrick bend of the basket weave knot family. It can be created using a single line of rope weaved on itself, but is more often used in bondage to tie two ropes together.

In Japan, it is called awajimusubi 淡路結び and is used to represent good relationships. It is also used in several other cultures in heraldry. In sailing, large ropes are harder to tie with so the Carrick bent is a good solution as it is convenient to tie and stays easy to untie.

A similar knot is the interwomen diagonal Carrick knot, that has an identical topology but is tied in the opposite direction.

Triple Crown Knot

This knot is an interesting variation of the crown knot, a type of button know tied with three stands. The Chinese flower knots are tied using a similar technique. The triple crown knot has two loops (also referred to as petals in Chinese knotting) that are fun to play with when creating a chest harness.

Decorative Chest Harness

Once we knot a few knots, we can combine them to add decorative elements to the design of a tie.

Practice Time!

Integrate aesthetic knot work in your chest harness design!

Self evaluation checklist:

  • The knots are compact and tight with no undesired twist
  • Is the tie symmetric?

Exploration ideas:

  • Start a tie with a flower knot
  • Try to combine double coin knots with the diamond tie

Inspirations and Resources

Coming soon!

Credit: Knots: R/P:Ebi McKnotty – Square knot harness M:ADelightfulPain R/P: Ebi McKnotty Crown and double coin harness M/R: Ebi McKnotty P: AlexK7

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