We begin our study of the different body positions with the hands in front of the body. This is a great place to start as these ties are generally less restrictive and more sustainable. We’ll work our way up progressively, from the hips to the neck.

  • Day 92: Wrists to Hips – Keep the arms straight along the body and tie the wrists to the hips.
  • Day 93: Wrists Down – Tie the wrists together while keeping the arms straight. Also known as front armbinder.
  • Day 94: Low Wrists Crossing – Tie the wrists crossing while keeping the elbows mostly straight.
  • Day 95: Reverse Box Tie – Tie the forearms horizontally in front in a box position. This is also know and reverse takate kote or reverse TK for short.
  • Day 96: Front Prayer – Bring the palms together on the chest in a prayer position. Elbows get pushed out on the sides and can be interesting to tie as well.
  • Day 97: High Wrists Crossing – Tie the wrists crossing each other with the elbow bent.
  • Day 98: Wrists Up – Bring the hands closer to the face, bend the elbows and tie the forearms together so they stay parallel to each other.

Credit: M: _Era_ R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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