Making something aesthetic can be the main goal of rope bondage or a side effect of the way of tying. Feeling beautiful being tied, and making someone else pleasing to your eyes is also an important aspect of the erotic side of it. One can create a purely decorative tie, embellish a restrictive structure, or transform their partner into a piece of art.

The goal of this week is to experiment with different aesthetics to discover what pleases you the most.

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Day 288: Minimalism – What’s the minimum amount of rope you need to create restraint? Pick a short rope and explore what you can do with it, keep it simple.

Day 289: Chaotic – Create a tie that appears without structure. Let rope dangles, make it messy.

Day 290: Imperfection – Beauty doesn’t need to be perfect, it can emerge from the details of a unique process. Look into concepts such as Kuzushi, wabi-sabi, observe how these are part of the traditional Japanese aesthetic. Try always moving forward as you tie and not correcting the little imperfection and see how this impacts the look and the feeling of the tie.

Day 291: Shapes and Geometry – Look at the shape of the body, create shape on the body with rope. How are the two combining to create new geometries? How does the rope shape enhance the body shapes? Do you have a signature pattern that you like to use?

Day 292: Ornaments – Add objects to your tie, these can be purely decorative, or add to the sensation of the experience.

Day 293: Mise-en-Scène – Pick a place, clothing, maybe some furniture or a piece of architecture, create a story with your rope scene. How does the light influence the mood of your tie? Use rope to represent something else. 

Day 294: Tribute – What are your biggest inspirations in your creative process. Create a tie in the spirit of other artists whose style you admire. Tie something that represents something meaningful to you.


Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Banner, chopsticks, imperfection M: Era R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Minimalism M: Miss Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Pentagram M: Alexk7 R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Railroad M: Simpering Imp R: Ebi McKnotty P: AlexK7