The uneven texture and solidity of bamboo make it fun to work with, it brings a range of new possibilities. They come in a variety of diameters and can be cut to any length. This is just a start as any pole can be used to create interesting poses: broomsticks, weightlifting bars, golf club or that nice tree branch you found in the forest.

The goal of this week is to create interesting shapes with the body using bamboos and poles.

Check back on Week 29 to review different techniques that can be used to tie bamboo to the body.

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Day 302: Opening arms – Explore with crucifixion on the pole. Tie the wrists to each end, and try different ways to anchor the pole on the rest of the body for more restriction.

Day 303: Pulling Elbows – Create a variant of the waitress tie with the pole in the elbow, pulling the arms behind the back with the wrists tied in front. You can also explore with other ways to use bamboo to bring the elbows toward the back.

Inspirations and Resources

Day 304: Pinning Arms – Use the pole to add restriction to an upper body tie like the riffle tie, the bunny ears, or the demon tie.

Day 305: Opening Legs – Tie both ankles to the pole and find ways to keep them apart.

Day 306: Behind the Knee – Create a trapeze by trapping the pole behind the knees and play with moving the pole around to move the body with it. Note that the some nerves are vulnerable at the top of the back of the calf, avoid high compression in this location and monitor foot movement.

Day 307: Compressing the Belly – Tie the pole to the hips, explore how it can be used as a lever, crush the belly, move it around.

Day 308: Between the Legs – aka Harry Potter – Pull the bamboo between the legs, explore different angles and different levels of pressure on the crotch.

Inspirations and Resources

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Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Title picture M: luluXSparkle R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Activity pictures M: Miss_Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty