We continue the exploration from week 24, on integrating bamboos and poles in ties. This time, let’s look at the different interactions with the objects, and how they can be combined to create different situations. Gather a variety of poles of different lengths and diameters and bring in your creativity.

The goal of this week is push deeper our exploration of bamboos and poles. Use them to create interesting sensations and take the body on a journey.

  • Day 288: Hugs – You can hug it from the front. You can hug it from the back. You can hug it with your arms. You can hug it with your legs. Can hug it with your teeth? Give it all the love you have!
  • Day 289: Poke – Tie the poles on the body in a way that the tip presses against the body as well
  • Day 290: Lever – Tie the body solidly on a strong pole and move the pole around. See what happens when one tip touches the ground and you lift the other end. Proceed slowly as this may put a lot of forces on the body
  • Day 291: Squeeze – Pick a part of the body you would like to squeeze and take two poles. Tie the poles so they press against the body like a clamp
  • Day 292: Cross – Tie two poles together with a lashing, explore how you can tie the body to this structure
  • Day 293: Tripod – Use three longer poles and use a tripod lashing to tie them together. Explore how you can tie the body to this three legged structure
  • Day 294: Many – How many poles can you tie to the body at the same time?

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