The variant of the box tie with open diamonds in front has both aesthetic qualities and interesting mechanical characteristics. We create an a shock absorbing effect by breaking the straight line of the horizontal wraps. This tie is a challenge in tension, opening the diamonds will change the tension as we tie so we have to anticipate for it. This ties have several names in Japanese, hishi gote 菱後手 (diamond hands in the back), hishi takate kote 菱高手 小手 (Diamond hands high in the back), or hishi TK for short.

Open Diamond Box Tie

Creating shapes that frame beautifully the front of the torso while keeping the back identical to the classic box tie with all the structural benefits is an interesting challenge.

The first step is to create a stem that will later become structural in the back and opened up in the front. In order to achieve this, the front of tie must be a bit looser to account for the additional tension that will be created when opening the diamonds. From there the structure is very similar to the second rope of the classic box tie seen in day 30.

The safety guidelines of day 29, 30, 31 still apply to this variation.

Practice Time!

Combine the techniques of the diamond chest harness and box tie to create a mix of the two ties.

Self-evaluation checklist

  • Frictions are tight and compact with no undesired twists
  • Tension is even across the tie, the lower wrap can be less tensioned for safety
  • The stem is straight and centered
  • Cinches are flat with no bulk between the arms and the torso
  • Is the tie symmetric?
  • How does the wrap placement feel?
  • Pull the tie in different directions; how does it hold?

Exploration ideas

  • Try having more or fewer diamonds
  • Explore with different level of tension, opening the diamonds more or less
  • Try different frictions in the back
  • Do you prefer opening the V around the neck, or keeping it tight?

Solo tip

  • Yes it is possible to self tie this! Can you figure it out?
  • You can also adapt the tie structure as a chest harness that doesn’t include the arms.

Inspirations and Resources

Coming soon!

Credit: M: FreakyFerret R/P: Ebi McKnotty


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