Creating a tie where one side is different than the other can create an interesting feeling of imbalance. As we embrace asymmetry we can step away from more formal patterns and get more creative.

Asymmetric Chest Harness

There are several approaches to bringing asymmetry into chest ties. An asymmetric starting point is interesting. For example, you can use a structure you like and offset the first knot. You can also start with a symmetric tie and distort it afterward. If you balance the forces in the tie, it can also evolve into a very solid structure. Let your creativity guide you!

Practice Time!

Modify a harness structure to be asymmetric.

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • Frictions are compact and tight with no undesired twists
  • Tension is even across the tie (or not!)
  • Take a step back, look at the tie from different angles
  • Does the tie stay in place when the person tied moves?
  • Pull on the tie in different direction to measure it’s solidity

Exploration ideas:

  • Start off-center, on the left side, on the right side, or with a diagonal
  • Start in a symmetric way, and then add or distort to break the symmetry
  • Use the asymmetry to push and create sensations on the body?
  • How does asymmetry put emphasis on the beauty of the person being tied?

Inspirations and Resources

Coming soon!

Credit: Off-center study M: _Era_ R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Break the symmetry study M: FreakyFerret R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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