A cinch is a technique to add solidity to a structure by inserting a rope in a gap between two columns and catching a rope on the other side. It prevents the structure from rotating or sliding, making it harder to escape, and it is a great way to make things tighter. Cinches are called kannuki 閂 in Japanese.

Double Column Tie

You can transform a single column tie tied around two limbs into a double column tie by adding a cinch. We will explore more ways to tie two columns together in Week 29.


Cinched Friction

The same principle can be applied to frictions.

Mermaid Tie

Tying two parallel legs is a great way to drill cinches. This is one of the many variations of the mermaid tie.

Video Tutorial

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Practice Time!

Explore with cinches using the mermaid tie or something else of your creation with two parallel columns.

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • The cinch rope is flat between the two columns.
  • Observe both sides of the tie, watch as the rope bends when you tighten the cinch to adjust the level of tension.

Exploration ideas:

  • Play with different amounts of tension: adding cinches on looser wraps, tighter wraps, Pulling harder on the cinch.
  • How much friction do you need before and after cinching to keep things solid?
  • Move around and watch if the tie slides or collapses.
  • What other limbs can you tie together with the same technique?
  • Can you tie around more than two columns and cinch multiple times?

Being Tied: Dealing with the Tight Leg Cinches – sansblague

If your partner has a preference for tying tight, the experience of being cinched on the lower body can be quite an invasive one. A finger digging in between your legs where they are most squeezed together can almost feel like a new form of penetration. If you want to, you can change the cinching experience a bit by working actively with your muscles where they are most squeezed.

  • You can tense them to create flatter and harder surfaces for ropes and fingers to travel through,
  • You can sometimes push out toward the ropes to create more space,
  • Or, if you like the sensation of having fingers and ropes digging in your flesh, you can make sure to squeeze your legs together even tighter.

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