Binding several body parts together is an important part of restriction. Many of the techniques to bind poles together have interesting applications in bondage. These are interesting to explore with tying limbs together or tying someone to a pole.

The goal of this week is to try different techniques to tie columns together and come up with your own ideas on how to use these in your rope play.

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Day 197: More Double Column Ties – In Day 6 we tied a double column tie by adding a cinch to a single column. Many other techniques can be used to keep two parallel limbs together. Explore how you can modify the different single-column knots to make a double-column tie that is faster and more compact.

Day 198: Making Space – Create a double-column tie with space in between the columns using a bar wrap in between.

Day 199: Square Lashing – The square lashing is a great technique to bind two columns at a 90-degree angle. It’s so solid people use it to create scaffolding or even build houses with it. Try the square lashing using two poles then adapt it to tie two limbs at an angle.

Day 200: Diagonal Lashing – Similar to the square lashing, the diagonal lashing is better suited when the angle is not exactly 90 degrees, or when some space is necessary between the two columns. Which part of the body would be fun to tie with this lashing?

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Day 201: Shear Lashing – Used to tie two parallel columns just like the double column tie, the shear lashing allows it to have more range of movement once tied as it can twist on itself. This is great for dynamic ties where we expect the angle between the columns to change during the session.

Day 202: Tripod Lashing – The tripod lashing uses a similar technique to the shear lashing and expands to a third column. It has similar qualities of allowing movement while keeping the columns together. This mobility in the lashing allows one to create a tripod by crossing the two exterior columns, allowing the middle one to rest on them. Try to build a tripod using poles and explore how to adapt this principle to the body.

Day 203: Even More Columns – From there, we can explore how to adapt the different techniques to include more columns. Try to adapt the basic column tie, the shear lashing and the square lashing to include many more columns. How many columns can you include in a single tie?

Inspirations and Resources


Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Banner, Square lashing M:Nathaniel Flumen R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Double column, diagonal lashing, tripod M: AlexK7 R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Shear lashing M: Miss Soffia R/P Ebi McKnotty