There are infinite ways to tie a person and inspiration can be found in many places. Exploration can take many forms, from dedicated study time to improvisation. Creating something unique, carefully crafted for the person being tied is a beautiful aspect of rope bondage. To continue our exploration we can challenge ourselves in different ways and make new ties emerge.

The goal of this week is to try different approaches to design and create new ties.

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Day 253: Fashionable – Create a tie with the intent of being wearable. Dress the body with rope. Will you cover the skin, or decorate the body. Is your tie comfortable, or will it torture the one wearing it?

Day 254: Mixing Ropes – Pick up different ropes. Different materials, different colors, and create a tie to combine them in a meaningful way. You can alternate between the type of ropes or assemble them to tie with different types at the same time.

Day 255: Pattern – Pick a shape, a pattern, and apply the technique to different body parts and structures. Make diamonds everywhere on the body. How many types of ladder can you make? Can you tie your favorite box tie pattern on your lower body?

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Day 256: Location – Tie in different places and let the space inspire your tie. How is the kitchen different from the bedroom?

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Day 257: Random – Make a list of body parts and assign them numbers, randomly choose which body part should be tied to which other part using dice or other similar methods such as a twister spinner or a randomizer.

Day 258: Structured Improvisation – Make a structure with loops around each body part and cover the entire body with rope. Then use that structure to create different shapes with the body.

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Day 259: Chaos – Throw a few ropes on the floor, place a person on the rope, tie everything up together. See what emerge from the random chaos.

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Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Banner, structure M: Miss Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Pattern M/R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Location M: Mademoiselle Mai R/P: Ebi McKnotty