The head is the command center of the body, home to all of the five senses. It also has a unique shape that forces us to have different strategies when it comes to tying. The head requires some special attention when tying as injuries or marks can have a dramatic impact. Because of its sensitive nature, the psychological impact can be much more intense than any other part of the body.

The goal of this week is to experiment with the different sensations of the head and find strategies to tie its unique shape.

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Day 330: Wrapping – Wrapping the head presents an interesting challenge because of its round shape. Explore the placement, angles and frictions that will help keep the rope in place.

Day 331: Mouth – Playing with mouth can be a gag, forcing drool, playing with taste, breathing, or all at the same time. Discuss hygiene limits when it comes to placing stuff in the mouth. There are many options of things you can put in the mouth: rope, piece of cloth, bamboo stick, fingers, or nothing at all and play with tying the jaw open.

Day 332: Sensory Input – Explore how you can stimulate or deny the different sensory input, make sound close to the ear, or flip the ear shut, block the nostrils, or overload the with smell, close eyes, or pin them open. What will you tie taste like?

Day 333: Head to Limb – The upper limb and the head make a nice combo. You can include the head in an existing arm tie, or try to tie the hands, forearms or upper arms to the head for interesting new shapes.

Day 334: Cage – Create a structure on the head to trap it into a cage.

Day 335: Hair – Try out different techniques to tie the hair. Beard hair also count. If you don’t have hair to work with, you can try making a wig out of rope!

Day 336: Tongue – Try tying the tongue! Can you tie it in a way that you can pull on it? Try different strategies, using a very thin rope, using a clothing pin, etc.

Inspirations and Resources


Inspirations and Resources

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Credit: Banner, wrap, mouth, cage, sensory input, head to limb, tongue M: Nathaniel Flumen R/P: Ebi McKnotty – Hair M: Miss Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty