The lower part of the body is amazingly strong as it carries the weight of the whole body and yet the complexity of its anatomy makes it very delicate to tie. There is a wide range to explore. Do you like tickles? Or do you prefer an intense feeling of restriction? We have to be careful when including toes and feet in a tie as there is a complex architecture of nerves, muscles and small bones. Yet you can still be very mean while tying gently.

The goal of this week is to explore the potential of the lower body limbs, their shape, and play with different types of sensations.

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Day 169: Shoes and Heels – Tying with shoes on changes how the rope feels and ankles will behave. It adds some protection to the feet and heels make an interesting attachment point. Bonus: how is tying with socks different from a bare foot.

Day 170: Foot Harness – Aka gravity boot, rope shoe – Create a strong structure on the feet to allow pulling them in different directions. This type of tie has acquired lots of popularity in suspension, and it is fascinating that it was originally designed to make it easier to pull the leg in different directions in floorwork.

Day 171: Feet Soles – The sole of the feet is an interesting focus, it is generally ticklish, and there are a few interesting pressure points that can be used for mean ties. You can also attach things to the soles of the feet like something scratchy, and then go for a walk!

Day 172: Feet Together – Explore the many ways you can tie the feet together. Side by side, or with the soles against one another. How does adding a little offset change how the two feet nest into each other.

Day 173: Between the Toes – Rope between the toes creates an interesting sensation. Try to add rope between the toes and add pressure on both sides of the feet at the base of the toes for increased intensity.

Day 174: Pulling Toes – Including the toes in a tie is an interesting challenge because of their size, they have a higher tendency to escape. Use rope to pull the toes in different directions. Try different techniques to attach on the toes.

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Day 175: Shaping Feet – The mobility of the ankle allows us to restrict the feet in different positions. By tying the feet and the toes, we can make many shapes. You can make it point or force it to bend. Try pulling the feet in opposite directions to create a mermaid tail.

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