The frog tie refers to a tie that keeps a limb folded like a bent arm or a bent leg. It is a fast and simple way to create movement restriction. The bent leg tie is also called futomomo shibari 太腿縛り (thigh tie) or futo 太 (fat) for short. The frog tie is a popular tie among self-tier and a good way to practice if you don’t have a partner around.

The goal of this week is to explore different variations of frog ties and practice a variety of techniques in the process.

Day 22: Frictions – Start with a single column tie around the ankle, wrap the leg and try different frictions to create different frog tie.

Day 23: Starting Points – Try different starting points, hip, toe, feet, etc. Can you tie a frog tie with an invisible starting point?

Day 24: Cinches – Explore with double column tie and cinched frictions. What are the best strategies to cinch when there is little or no space?

Day 25: Diamonds – Making complex patterns on small surfaces is difficult. Try different techniques to create a diamond pattern such as opening diamonds or using hitches.

Day 26: Chaos – Create a frog tie with no pattern, explore tying in a chaotic way, with a chaotic aesthetic.

Day 27: Chicken Wing – Create frog ties on the bent arm, and experiment with different techniques.

Day 28: Assembling Ties – Tie several frog tie and assemble them. Try combine two chicken wings to make a riffle tie (teppo shibari), a demon tie (tengu shibari), a bunny ear tie, a t-rex tie. Try to move around with all four limbs tied up.



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