Frog ties can be fun individually, and attaching them together offers even more possibilities. Up to four limbs to play with and pull in different directions. Many of the classic ties can be built with a few limb ties, and the infinite possibilities allow you to create your own.

Combining Chicken Wings

Many ties with both arms folded are classic poses that have names. Depending if the elbows are pointing up or down, pulled front or back, the result will be completely different. Just like with the previous day, it is important to monitor the hands to mitigate the risk of nerve injuries.

Two chicken wings together in the front is often called the t-rex position.


Attach two chicken wings together in the back into a tengu shibari 天狗縛り, which means demon tie.


Attach two chicken wings pointing up into a bunny ear also known as Waki Zarashi 脇晒し (exposed armpit).


Attach two chicken wings, one pointing up and one pointing down into a teppo shibari 鉄砲縛り, which means riffle tie.

Full Body Frog Tie Restriction

Combining two chicken wings and two frog ties on the leg is a creative challenge. There are tons of possibilities: sitting, kneeling, lying on the back, side or belly, playing with symmetry, breaking it and so many more. Each person is unique in how their body will respond when the different frog ties are linked together.

Practice Time!

Set a time limit, how many combinations of frog ties can you tie within that period?

Self-evaluation checklist:

  • Are there any painful sensations? Monitor movement and sensation on all the tied limbs.
  • The ties stays in place when pulling on them in different directions
  • How is the blood circulation? Does the foot and/or hands become numb after some time?

Exploration ideas:

  • Try different combinations of upper body ties in chicken wings.
  • Try different combinations of lower body ties in frog ties.
  • Turn a symmetric tie into an asymmetric one.
  • Explore different positions on the ground: sitting, kneeling, lying on the back, the belly or the side.
  • Challenge the spine in different directions, bending backward, forward, twisting in a torsion.
  • Get all four limbs tied up and crawl around the room. Carpet or matted floor is preferred.

Being Tied: Moving in a Futomomo – sansblague

To move around in a futomomo can be an interesting way of exploring both your body and the tie. Once you are tied up, take a moment to walk on your knees, roll around, crawl and do whatever is possible for you to do. Find out how it feels for you to move in this restriction; wonderful, horrible, fun, sexy? This way you can learn more together with your partner about what dynamics you appreciate when being in ropes. Also, if the futomomo disintegrates through your movement, the person tying you can learn a lot about frictions and stability from that.

Inspirations and Resources

Credit: Riffle tie – M:NathanielFlumen, R/P: Ebi McKnotty – T-Rex, Riffle, Bunny and 4 limb tie study – M: Miss_Soffia R/P: Ebi McKnotty

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