Bondage can go beyond the body and become a very cerebral experience. The vast world of BDSM is full of ideas of concepts you can combine with rope to intensify the experience. It can be used to bring someone to a happy place, or to explore a darker sides of themselves. Playing with the mind can also become a high risk activity, mental health self-awareness and communication are crucial to mitigate those risks.

The goal of this week is to explore different ways in which bondage can be combined with a more psychological aspect of play, and discover how it affects your experience with rope.

  • Day 337: Anticipation – Playing with the mind can start long before the rope is there. This can start seconds, minutes, days, weeks beforehand. Tell them about something that will happen the next time you play, how special it will be. Will this be the truth, or will this just be a mindfuck?
  • Day 338: Voice – How do you use your voice during tying? Try telling your observations, your desires, ask questions, this can turn into an interrogation.
  • Day 339: Isolation – Create a tie that will cut them from the world. Wrap them in a blanket or a bedsheet and tie over it.
  • Day 340: Humiliation – What will make you feel humiliated? Use the rope to mess things up, use a gag to get some drool, explore humiliating posture, make them dirty and see how this feels. How would you feel if someone else was watching?
  • Day 341: Objectification – What if you were not a person anymore, just an object? Become a table, a lamp, a statue or any piece of furniture. Use props, or just make use of the new objects for the function they were designed: sit on the chair, eat at the table, rest your feet on the ottoman.
  • Day 342: Fear – Being tied can be used to face your fear, there are some ties that can be scary in themselves. What do you fear?
  • Day 343: Shame – How does erotic exposure in rope make you feel? Play with your shame and beauty, tie in front of a mirror and look at yourself, do you feel beautiful? Dirty? Or both?

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