The most classic hogtie is to attach the wrists directly to the ankles. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it, this tie is very efficient and the different variations will allow to explore different levels of helplessness. Minimalism comes at a price, this position is likely to cause stress on the wrists and it is important to be aware of the risks.

Connecting Two Columns

To connect the two columns we simply combines techniques from week 1 and 2: single column, inline cuff, and two half hitches to lock.

Wrists to Ankles Hogtie

As we bind the wrists and ankles together, many possibilities are offered, do we keep the ankles tied together or separately, same for the wrists. These decisions will change how restrictive the tie can be and allow for different levels of movement once in the tie.

The ulnar and median nerves are very vulnerables at the wrists. Monitor these nerves by making sure the hand can close and squeeze. A sensation branch of the radial nerve is also likely to be affected, scratch the top of the thumb and untie at the first sign of numbness.

Practice Time!

Try a few combinaisons of the basic hogtie

Self-evaluation checklist

  • The cuffs are flat against the skin with low pressure on exposed nerves
  • The cuffs are tight enough that the hands or feet won’t come out by accident
  • The cuffs are loose enough that they won’t cut circulation
  • The tie is locked and doesn’t untie when moving
  • Try pulling up on the connecting rope, see if everything stays in place

Exploration ideas

  • Tie the wrists together and ankles together for more restraint
  • Tie the wrists individually to each ankle for more access
  • Tie pairs of limbs with two different ropes and explore how you can combine them
  • Do you prefer to start at the ankles, or at the wrists?
  • Do you like using a cinched tie for this? Is is different for the ankles vs the wrists?
  • Try different distance between the wrists and ankles, how tight can you pull them together?
  • Try different position of the arms, straight down vs elbows above the head in bunny ears position
  • What happen if you pull the connecting rope upward?

Inspirations and Resources

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