Beyond techniques, rope can be particularly erotic. The body of the person tying, the body of the person tied, and the rope as the extension of their desires. Intimacy is about seduction, arousal, and creating an emotional bond.

The goal of this week is to tap into your seduction energy to try different techniques and explore how they impact the feeling of intimacy.

Day 78: Touch – Explore touching your parter with the ropes in different ways, touch them without tying them, use the bight to caress the neck, drag the tail across the body.
Day 79: Clothing – What do you like to wear when tying, or being tied? Try to move clothing under rope, unbutton a shirt and expose the skin, lift up a skirt or take the pants down once tied up. Put some fancy clothes over the tied body and go out for a fancy dinner.
Day 80: Breathing – Synchronise your breathing with the breathing of your partner. Synchronise the movement of your rope with your breathing, tighten the chest as you exhale, take a step back as you inhale.
Day 81: Blind – Tie blindfolded, the person tying, and person tied, all going dark. Try tying a specific tie you know well, try just tying with the flow.
Day 82: Gaze – Looking into someone’s eye for an extended period of time is a very bonding experience. Try tying while maintaining eye contact, don’t let go. See what happens after a while
Day 83: Together – Tie yourself to your partner, try to move around to see what happens.
Day 84: Massage – Use rope to massage your partner. Use the texture of the rope to rub on your partner’s muscle. Get rope under someone’s limb and gently lift and swing to massage the body.


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