Happy new year! Last year was a record in terms of the content made for Rope365. We launched the video channels, patreon, and the website got a bunch of good updates. Here is a recap of what was done in the past few months and what to expect for next year.


Probably the biggest update this year was the major pivot in the book project. It’s a whole new concept that looks closer to a class manual for solo, duos and groups. The original 365 ideas will remain as the free website. I’ve reached a complete 1st draft on Dec 31st, 152 pages of google doc that still needs lots of editing. An optimistic plan is to publish in 2024, more realistically in 2025 if there are some hurdles. You can read more about the book on Patreon in this free post  and paying patrons are also getting behind the scene sneak peek and blogs as the journey progress.

If you would like to get early access to this content in exchange for feedback, you can fill up the form https://forms.gle/GqxHembxzmm1P7gz8


Another big step this year was to start releasing videos on youtube  and vimeo in March. We have reached 11 videos and over a 1000 youtube subscribers in that short amount of time. I have a very long list of videos to make so we’re definitely not done. This is a lifetime project. The next big milestone would be to reach 4K hours watched, which would allow to become youtube partner. We’re currently over 1K. The best way to increase this number will be to create more content. I have a series about rope processing in the oven, and I’d like to make videos of Week 2 and all the activities in the upcoming book.




In May, we launched the Patreon blog, which allowed to get some funds to cover the project needs. It has also been a great way for me to blog and share other aspects of my rope practice, like my performances, in-person class notes and private sessions. It’s also a more convenient platform to blog on, so there is a lot of free content as well. You can check the collection to browse the free content  and join as a free member to get notified of the free posts. The next objective would be to make enough to pay models on a regular basis.



Thanks to the Patreon supporters, we were able to improve the hosting. Hopefully, we won’t get as much downtime anymore. I also made some improvements to the getting started section and resource page, including the new page to help people find communities. Then we started to translate some pages into Spanish! In the next year, I want to embrace the fact that the website is the proper form of the 365 to make some improvements. I have many references to add, and I want to improve and expand a few activities. It’s also very connected to the book. As I get the content reviewed, I’ll be able to bring the improvements back to the website.


Teaching and Traveling

I feel I have so much to write about, and that’s because I’m constantly fuelled by my personal rope journey. In 2023, I got to travel to Japan and NARIX Los Angeles, and my local community grew incredibly. In the upcoming year, I want to continue to be dedicated to our local events. We’ll be celebrating 10 years in a few weeks. I also want to continue attending NDC and NARIX and plan some trips to see my friends in the US, Europe and Japan. Maybe a book launch tour?

I hope rope365 will continue to bring joy and pleasure to your rope journey. Have a great year!

Note: this is crossposted on rope365, Patreon and fetlife.