Rope practice is grounded in the physical world. Sharing rope in person with a group of peers open up possibilities that online learning can’t match. Not everyone has the privilege of having an established community nearby, but if you do or have the possibility to travel, we highly recommend checking it out. Or maybe you’ll be like me and start your own! Communities are not always easy to find, you can try finding local shibari school or bdsm space with google, but many of them are hidden. Here are a few tips:

Here are some additional spaces, the one marked with a star* I have personally visited or know people there and recommend. Always use caution when meeting with new people.

Africa – If you know more African communities, do let us know!

America – Note: most larger cities have a rope group in America but many aren’t listed. Each country in central/south America have at least a rope group and most states in the US have more than one. Please send links if you have them.

Asia – Many communities in Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Manilla not listed yet, please send links if you have them.

Europe – Lots more communities in Europe, please send links if you have them.

Oceania – If you know more Oceanian communities, do let us know!

Do you participate in a local community and want to list it here?

  • Make sure with the organization that they are ok being listed here
  • Post in the comment: organization name, location (country, province/state, city), one link
  • We’ll regularly add the suggestions to the index
  • If you have many links, pick one or make a linktree
  • Only rope groups/space/communities or recurring events like conventions, this is not for self promotion of individuals unless vetted.
  • Doesn’t have to be rope specific space as long as there are rope events
  • See your organization and don’t want to be listed here, write at and we’ll remove it
  • I reserve the right not to include a space that has bad reputation or looks predatory, but I will not be reference checking all the submission, do let us know if there is a problematic space
  • Have another space list you curate? Happy to add it to the list of lists

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