Tension will be launching their video series based on rope365 with a talk show this Sunday March 27th at 4PM Eastern time. Not only are they sponsoring rope365 to make it a self-sustainable project, but they will also be creating educational resources that we will be adding to the website. I will be the guest of their first talk show, we’ll be doing this live with an audience while live streaming at the same time.

If you want to join us in person, you can buy tickets here.

And if you’re too far, you can join the live feed for FREE here!

It should be available on their channel afterward if you miss it.

Tension is an amazing rope space in Montreal, they have classes, performances night, parties and a shop that sells excellent rope and much more. A lot of their activities are also available online, so check it out! You might have heard they are also hosting NARIX this summer. A rope skillshare event that I have co-created many years ago. Applications are open if you’re searching for an excuse to come to Montreal while it’s warm and hang out with an awesome crowd.

I’m really excited to see the interview with other guests and all the educational material they have started to create, don’t hesitate to follow their channel.