Have you been looking for new ideas to spice up your rope practice? The Fall and Winter seasons went through some major upgrades with several new exercises, dozens of new pictures and hundreds of links to more resources and inspiration.



We hope you enjoy the new list and the new format. We’re looking for feedback, you can use the comment feature at the bottom of each page to write us your favourite exercise or suggest improvements. You can also check the support page for more ways to help the project like contributing texts, translation, tech support, legal etc.

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Journey update

It was quite a journey to complete the review the structure of the whole 365 list. It starts with taking notes every time I see something inspiring. Whenever I’m in around rope people or looking at rope social media, I’m always on the lookout for fun ideas for rope365. The pandemic has made it much more difficult to connect and have those moments but fortunately there were still people around online that kept the flame going. It would be lying to say it didn’t slowed me. I had many low periods of time where I was stagnating. It’s part of the process but there is always this desire that I can’t wait for more content to be available to people. I have to be gentle with myself.

When I dive in to change the structure, it kinda requires loading in all the info from all the chapters in my brain. I try to find which ideas are similar, too narrow or too convoluted. Another important part is feedback, and at this point there is so much information that very few people are able and willing to go through that rabbit hole. Fortunately I have a few friends who helped. And I have to accept that it can’t be perfect. Reality is there are more than 52 concepts, and more than 365 ideas. This number structure is just a fun structure to help make sense of the large amount of content. For myself as much as for others. I can’t help but keep on finding ways to improve it, but at some point, if I keep on changing it, it’s going to be more confusing than helping. I feel I’m progressively reaching this limit. Every time I want to make a big change I challenge myself, sometimes wait a bit to sit with the idea to make sure it’s still feeling right after a while before making the change to the book draft and the website.

Fall and Winter were both in some state of revision at the end of last year but Winter never felt right. I decided to let it marinated and ended up making small bits of tuning before posting. I’m still kinda unsured about it. It contains some of my favourite topics but they are not as linked in a flow as the previous seasons. Maybe Winter is more like a tapas meal with lots if options. One thing that helped was doing a lot of shoots on these topics in Jamaica last year. The collaboration with people helps me see more clearly where things should go.

Now I’m hoping the new format will help people get deeper in these topics. I get lots of feedback on the early chapters but very few people seem to make it beyond that. Reality is that you can do plenty with just the early chapters. I still think those late chapters contain a lot of good bits, some of my favourite bits, so I hope the new format of the pages will make it more appealing to those who are ready to expand their rope exploration.

Reviewing the references has to be one of the most tedious part of the project. It requires focus and lots of it is repetitive work. But once in a while I rewatch a video or look at a picture and I notice something new. This is the best part, keeping on learning, and being inspired.

Next step

I may take another break, or not 😅 The next priority will be to improve Spring. Last year I did a pretty good review of the first four weeks. The Box Tie chapter is overdue for a review. It’s such a difficult topic to tackle as there are so many variations and it is important to credit and get proper permission. And from there I can continue until Spring is ready to publish. My intent is to leave Summer, Fall and Winter as is for the rest of the year, with the only exception of including pictures of topics with placeholders and maybe some top quality references.

I plan on teaching intensive programs once again in the fall. Usually this gives me little time to work on rope365 but brings in a lot of new ideas. Hopefully the pandemic doesn’t prevent us from teaching in person again. I also want to travel a bit and see some rope people on the way, I’m sure this will bring even more ideas to work with.

I also want to invest in other hobbies I’ve been neglecting in the last stretch of chapter review. Time to read, play music, learn Japanese and fold some paper squares. Usually other activities brings a lot of ideas to the project as well. We’ll see 😉

Page count: 1045
Spring: 488
Summer: 226
Fall: 151
Winter: 180