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Rope 365 is not yet a book, you can read the work in progress on this web site. It is also great to look at different sources to get learning and inspiration. Here is a list of some books that have inspired me in my journey.

Tutorial books in English

Arisue Go

Chanta Rose

Douglas Kent

  • Complete Shibari: Land
  • Complete Shibari: Sky
  • Rogue Hojojutsu

Lee Harrington

Lord Morpheous



Shin Nawakari

Two-Knotty Boy

Tutorial books in Japanese

Arisue Go

How to tie a girl series (several authors) – in Japanese

  • Book 1 (unknown author, lots illustrations can be appreciated without knowing Japanese)
  • Book 2 (Kazami Ranki, Shigonawa Bingo, lots illustrations can appreciated without knowing Japanese)
  • Book 3 (Golden and Otonawa, lots of text)

Psychology, anatomy and bottoming

History and information book

Documentaries about Rope Bondage

Book resources

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