We grow a lot from mistakes and tough situation. We can also challenge ourselves to experiment with difficult things before they happen to us. Many challenges can come from “what if” scenarios, some can be funny, others can be about facing our fears, sometimes we can discover something we actually want to embrace.

The goal of this week is to step outside of the comfort zone and learn to face challenges in a controlled context.

  • Day 246: Changing Medium – What if there is no rope around, what can we use? Try using different materials to recreate your favorite tie, belts, scarves, towels, etc. Which one is the most fun to use?
  • Day 247: Silent Tying – Can’t wake up the neighbor or the sleeping baby? Try to be as silent as possible, with your voice and also the sound made by the rope itself, move as silently as possible.
  • Day 248: The Floor is Lava – What if the floor was really dirty? Tie with the rope never touching the ground. Make it even harder by adding more rule to your “floor is lava” game.
  • Day 249: Reverse Untying – What if the end of the tie was no longer accessible? Try untying from the starting point, or pop a rope extension and start untying from there
  • Day 250: Tight Spaces – What if we don’t have a lot of space to move? Try keeping a good flow while very close to your partner. Lock yourself in a wardrobe, tie yourselves together, stay close.
  • Day 251: Tying with the Toes – What if you couldn’t tie with your hands anymore? Try using your feet and toes to tie up. Start with a single column tie and build from there.
  • Day 252: Cutting the Ropes – What if there was an emergency and you needed to cut the rope? Get some expandable rope and explore how it feel to cut them, how fast can you get someone outside of a tie? How does it feel to be cut free?

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